Assessing the validity of annotation guidelines: towards multimodal equivalence of DRDs

During her stay, Ms Crible will present the annotation scheme elaborated
in her PhD thesis to the researchers at the University of Fribourg, in
order to discuss its strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible
improvements in comparison with other annotation guidelines (especially
for writing). This annotation scheme (Crible in prep.) provides
instructions for the syntactic and functional description of DSDs. Its
main contribution to TextLink is an operational closed-list of 29
functions which integrates both discourse relations and speech-specific
functions like turn-taking or monitoring. The resulting taxonomy is a
corpus-based annotation model situated in the legacy of the PDTB
initiative (Prasad et al. 2007) adapted to the spoken modality (and
possibly gestures, see Crible & Bolly 2015). During her stay Ms
Crible will also conduct an inter-annotator experiment together with Dr
Zufferey upon a small corpus of both written and spoken data, to test
the validity, replicability and multimodality of the annotation of
discourse relations.