Signalling Implicit Relations: A PDTB - RST Comparison

TitleSignalling Implicit Relations: A PDTB - RST Comparison
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPoláková L, Mírovský J, Synková P
JournalDialogue and Discourse
Date Published12/2017
Keywordsimplicit discourse relations, PDTB, RST-SC

Describing implicit phenomena in discourse is known to be a problematic
task, both from the
theoretical and from the empirical perspective. The present article
contributes to this topic by
a novel comparative analysis of two prominent annotation approaches to
discourse (coherence)
relations that were carried out on the same texts. We compare the
annotation of implicit relations in the Penn Discourse Treebank 2.0,
i.e. discourse relations not signalled by an explicit discourse
connective, to the recently released analysis of signals of rhetorical
relations in the RST Signalling Corpus. Our data transformation allows
for a simultaneous depiction and detailed study of these
two resources.