Title Type Placesort descending Date
Methods and tools for the analysis of discourse relational devices Training School University of Valencia (Spain)
18/01/2016 to 22/01/2016
1st MC Meeting, Brussels, April 2014 MC meeting Brussels (Belgium) 11/04/2014
Second Action Conference Action Conference Budapest (Hungary)
11/04/2016 to 13/04/2016
WG 2&3 Meeting WG Meeting Budapest (Hungary) 14/04/2016
Portal Use Case focus meeting and MC meeting Workshop Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
01/02/2017 to 03/02/2017
MC Meeting, Edinburgh MC meeting Edinburgh, United Kingdom 02/03/2017
WG2 & WG3 Meeting WG Meeting Fribourg (Switzerland)
21/04/2015 to 22/04/2015
MC Meeting, Budapest MC meeting Hungary (Budapest) 11/04/2016
Final Action Conference Action Conference Jean Jaurès University, Toulouse France.
19/03/2018 to 21/03/2108
DRDs Lexicons: conception, development and multilingual linking Transversal meeting Lisbon (Portugal)
24/10/2016 to 25/10/2016