WG2 & WG3 Meeting

For our first meeting we are setting a concrete task that addresses how a
small set of frequent relations are conceptualized across different
frameworks. This is part of the larger goals of WG2 and WG3 to chart
the commonalities and differences across the interconnected resources
that we use, with the goal of enabling more productive work across
multiple resources.
During this meeting, we will begin charting the variation across systems
and languages by focusing on four discourse relations: concession (1),
contrast (2), causality (3), and claim-argument (4) from the perspective
of three leading frameworks: PDTB, SDRT and RST.
1. Jane married Mark even though she does not love him.
2. John is tall but Fred is small.
3. The door slammed because there is strong wind outside.
4. Max is a very good skier, because he won the competition twice
last year.
Our goal is to be able to compare the definitions of these relations
across three frameworks and to characterize the way that these relations
are represented in different languages (by which connectives,
implicitly or explicitly) and different resources, as a first step in
the construction of our common portal.

WG Meeting
Sandrine Zufferey (Université Fribourg)
Ted Sanders (Utrecht University)
Dan Hardt (Copenhagen Business School)
Hannah Rohde (University of Edinburgh)
Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 to Wednesday, 22 April, 2015

Fribourg (Switzerland)

Practical information: